Class A Chimney

Today, DuraVent has continued its success since its origins over 50 years ago. With 24 available product lines, DuraVent has a large portion of the Chimney Market and continues to innovate new products.

Chimney Liner

Damaged chimney liner? HeatShield® can restore your chimney’s clay flue liner and save you the expense of rebuilding or relining with a stainless steel chimney liner. HeatShield® is a chimney liner repair system that eliminates the hazards and draft problems caused by gaps, cracks and spalling in otherwise sound masonry chimneys.

Olympia liner is constructed of 316TI prime steel, including titanium, which goes beyond the industry standard. No seconds or inferior metals are used here at Olympia Chimney Supply.

Chimney Caps

Durable chimney covers that come in copper, stainless steel and black anodized galvanized steel.  The Fireplace Shoppe also features custom made chimney caps to suite any style and size.